Markland Industries is a "green" company that is concerned about it its impact on the environment.

In order to stay compliant with all the state, federal and local regulations Markland Industries has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) to coordinate and promote compliance.

Environmental Policy

Full environmental policy statement

Markland Industries's approach to its EMS is to focus first on sustainable compliance with environmental laws and regulations applicable to the operation of its facility and then to develop and implement a program for continually enhancing environmental performance over time. Once the baseline for environmental compliance and performance is developed, it is possible to identify goals and targets for a continuing process of measurement, correction, and enhancement.

Markland Industries's process for planning and implementing a management system for sustainable compliance encompasses the core components of:

  • Defining responsibility
  • Assigning accountability
  • Training
  • Routinely checking compliance
  • Assessing environmental risk
  • Conducting system assessments
  • Preventing pollution